by Mark 

The Fight is Real, and Very Necessary


Fighting City Hall is a daunting task. It takes a special person to dig in and look out for their community against the wishes of its own government. But, If these people are successful, the victory is even more rewarding because it’s that much harder for the bureaucrats in the future.

Here at Defund Bureaucracy, we feel a passion to Slow the Roll, so to speak of our City Governments, hold their feet to the fire as they do with us! The biggest reason for any of this is to put all bureaucrats on notice that we know that they were never given the authority in the 1st place to act the way they do.

Americans of all walks of life need to understand that Private Property is our Greatest Right above all others, and is the tip of the spear for the Deep State, Agenda 21 crowd. Over the past few years, we’ve seen quite a number of City Governments coming to loggerheads with their population regarding the issue of Private Property Rights.

The list of abuses is a long and tedious study in the apathy of American voters and those we elect to protect our Rights.

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