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It started with Facebook Groups and it quickly became clear to me that between Shadow Banning and Censorship of my Survival and Nutrition Groups, something was screwy. Then after years of posting on YouTube about nutrition, health, and politics, one day it all vanished, hundreds of videos and subscribers were gone in the blink of an eye. This was over a simple video referencing Government numbers from the CDC, and my thoughts on that information had raised the ire of the “Woke Police”, and my channel was CANCELED.

I would need a “Safe Space” for my content, somewhere I could post without fear of reprisal. That was the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back, I was pissed, to say the least, so I found a video hosting site that I would be in control of and created a new website, and I was off to a freer existence on the web, and I now all my videos, blog posts, and podcasts belonged to me.

Back in the Day

During this journey of discovery, I started working on my house, must have been eleven years ago that my wife and I had to remodel the house because at that time it was over 100 years old. Sure enough, along came a City Offical with a “Stop Work Order” from the Planning and Zoning Dept.

What to do? I ask myself, the order stated that I was in violation of, Not being a Licenced Contractor, failure to obtain a Building Permit, and of course, Internation Building Code. The next day I went into the P&Z Office and ask, What the F*@k is this, and who put it on my property? Now I do have to hand it to this un-elected leech, he was polite, they all try to be anyway.

Well, sir, it states that you are building without a license, to which I replied that I was an Owner-Builder, he went on to bring up the International Building Code, so I laughed and explained that no one in the international world follows that BS, and of course, the Permit.

In a Nutshell

What it all boiled down to was money, I had some money, and they wanted it, plain and simple, but not so simple, remember they are bureaucrats.

Well, you are right Mr. Boyle, he said, you are allowed to be an Owner-Builder, which was nice to see that I still lived in America, but the IBC says you need to have a Permit to add on to your home, So much for living in America, In English, I needed a Permission-Slip, kind of like a hall pass, but with a price tag.

Trying to be pleasant I asked how much does a Permission slip costs? He replied, I don’t know, you will have to fill this form out.

So I need to fill out your forms, and do your job so that I can give you my money? “I call that servitude!” I don’t Ring myself up at Circle-K and I won’t do your job either.

You fill it out and send me a bill” I told him.

But, but, I don’t know how much you spent on your addition so I can’t fill it out he exclaimed.

Not my problem, and I don’t know how much I spent either.

He was boxed in and he knew it, he had no authority to compel me to testify against myself, and no authority to get a court order to subpoena Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware…CheckMate.

After days of disagreements, I said that I was willing to hand him $250.00 bucks if he went away and left me alone, the City took my money and he went away, so much for “Public Safety”

Present Day

In Today’s World, I am not a Kinder, Gentler person, I have learned that if a City wishes me to comply with their interpretation of the Laws they write, I will force them to do the same. I refuse to bow down and knell at their feet as if I am their servant, I will resist much, and obey little, I Will Not Comply to that, that is not Just.

So now you know why I will only post on FB to get people here, I can’t use YouTube, and now refuse to use most Social Media. I live on the Web and if I own my content and the Servers it resides on I can continue the fight.

Please Share this page and the information here at defund|bureaucracy, Donate If you can, and get involved.

What Next?

We Americans must take the fight to a Local Level.

The problems we see in Washinton while watching the News or interacting on Social Media are all the same as the ones in our own hometowns. Most Border States have border issues, all have money problems as well, the difference is we know our leaders Locally, but to D.C. our population is just a Rounding Error.

This is why we must fight, and get involved, Please Consider becoming a Donor.

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