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Fight City Hall

Your not a criminal just because the City has made an accusation, so don't let them get into your head, you're an American and they are the bureaucrats.

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defund bureaucracy dark
Non-Legal Advice

We are not lawyers and don't want to become them either, 

How To Guides

As an American, you can represent yourself in court, learn how here.

Psych Evaluations

Complaints are not reality, you are just enjoying life, liberty and property.

Gorilla Tactics

Playing by the rules, like swimming with alligators, only makes you bait.

How we work


You learn...

Not to fear the un-elected bureaucrats, in fact you have more authority than they will every have because they are employed, not Elected.


You apply...

Our basic fighting tactics, avoid fines and legal fees.  Simply avoiding, and deflecting their accusations and Charges helps you absorb the shock and stress.


You succeed...

Because your City Council hates bad Press, and every issue can, and will be used agenst them during next election by you, so make their opponent your ally.

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Fight For American Values, It Starts At The Local Level.